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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 23, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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good tuesday morning. coming up on "early today," millions celebrate the birth of the heaviest future king born in 100 years. and today, he'll receive a 62-gun salute while the world waits to see him and to find out his name. a hard landing for a southwest boeing 737 with 150 passengers aboard. how the injured are doing. pope francis' overwhelming reception in brazil scared security, part of which was the pontiff's fault. plus, a whale of a tale for two divers. ryan braun is the first and certainly not the last to be suspended. and one of the most important medical reasons not to skip breakfast. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for tuesday, july 23rd.
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good morning to you. i'm richard lui. great britain remains in a frenzy this morning after the birth of the royal baby. now the world is anxiously awaiting the first glimpse of mom, dad and baby. here's nbc's danielle leigh. >> reporter: good morning. and there are crowds outside of buckingham palace, despite the rain right now. that is because people want to see a special changing of the guard ceremony today. scotland guard is playing congratulations for the new prince. also that medical bulletin still on display and everyone wants to get a picture. when we last checked, the wait was more than two hours long. excitement here is on high. well wishers crammed around the gates at buckingham palace into the morning. many raised their glasses to the new prince. >> oh, yeah, just in time to burst the bubbles. >> i could not be more excited if i tried. >> reporter: for hours, a golden easel held the image everyone was coming to see.
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an official bulletin delivered from st. mary's hospital announcing the prince had been born at 8 pounds, 6 ounces. there was even a town crier. >> kate and william could leave the hospital with their new baby at some point today. in a statement, the couple said they couldn't be happier. their young prince is now third in line to the throne. when kate and william do leave the hospital, it's expected they'll head to kensington palace for a few days and then possibly head to the middleton family home in bucklebury. later this afternoon there will be another celebration. gun salute will be fired from the tower of london and also from green park just in front of buckingham palace. that's a longstanding tradition whenever a royal is born. i'm danielle leigh. now back to you. earlier, i spoke with "time's" europe reporter and
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editor kathryn mayor about what we can expect in the coming days. >> what we're going to see is not only a great deal of excitement and a great deal of anchors interviewing each other and all of that, we are now moving into speculation about the departure of the baby, where the baby will be kept for the first few days because the apartment that william and kate are going to move into isn't ready yet. and there's a huge amount of speculation about the possibility of the baby being looked after at the maternal grandparents' house. so in other words, not starting royal life in a royal palace, but in a normal, if very affluent house in bucklebury. and then there's the question, obviously, the name. there are many things that we can discuss and speculate about. and the one thing you can be sure of is that we will. >> we love it. it's so exciting to us as we
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watch right now. the cameras in front of lindo wing. one of the questions may be, when will we get the name? will it happen when they come out? when will they come out? and what might she be wearing? >> well, to take those questions in reverse, whoever or whatever designer she's wearing is likely to have a very happy day, shall we say. i am sure that some thought has gone into this. my guess is that it won't be anything incredibly expensive because one of the things that she has done quite carefully is to wear high street, you know, main street chain stuff so that she chimes better with the public. her hair dresser has already gone in. she's enough of a celebrity that she will have been made ready for her appointment. it should be really quite soon from what we're hearing. and they will give the cameras some chance to get ready because
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this is the only picture that we'll have of the baby and the proud parents until there will also be a photo shoot arranged within the next couple of weeks. >> that was time's kathryn mayor speaking to us from london earlier. another frightening plane landing to tell you about. this time at laguardia airport injuring ten people. the front landing gear of southwest flight 345 collapsing right after the plane touching down monday. it skidded down the runway sending debris and flames flying before coming to a halt. about 150 people were on that plane coming from nashville. >> i mean it was like getting smashed in a car wreck. >> everyone just a little nervous and freaked out. i mean, understandably so. >> i was reading and all of a sudden you heard the pilots go -- holy cow. they just started swearing. i looked to the right side of the plane and there was just this fireball going down the runway. >> because of the crash,
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laguardia closed temporarily. 6 of the 10 injured were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. iraq's security forces are locking down areas around the infamous abu ghraib prison. authorities are on the hunt after more than 500 escaped from the facility. it comes as a result of carefully orchestrated late night attacks earlier this week. that violence killed at least 25 members of the iraqi security forces. al qaeda's arm in iraq has claimed responsibility for that. since his not guilty verdict, george zimmerman had been in hiding. last week he emerged to help rescue a family trapped in an overturned suv. it happened july 17th in sanford, florida. a blue ford explorer traveled off the road and then rolled over. that's when zimmerman and another man helped two children and their parents escape uninjured. police saying zimmerman was not a witness and left the scene after making contact with police there. you know the problems for san diego's mayor are going from bad to worse. a former aide has filed suit.
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irene mccormick jackson alleges the mayor frequently put her in a headlock and said, quote, crude and disgusting things about sex. she served as communications director under mayor bob filner. he is already under fire for sexual harassment allegations. the mayor issued a public apology earlier this month after a number of female accusers came forward. he has vowed not to resign. for a look at the weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins. in a headlock and all these other sorts of things. quite a story. >> probably more details we don't want to hear. >> let's talk weather. that's a safer subject. >> pretty safe and simple. in the northwest, california is a little interesting along with your friends in arizona and southern nevada as of late. dealing with afternoon showers and storms. the radar shows green there some of the light rain showers or sprinkles. not much falling from the clouds anymore. that will change this afternoon. here's a little different view. i'll show you this is called the x-ray of the atmosphere. shows you the amount of water vapor available in the air.
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the white shows you where the more humid air is. humidity levels high for this time of year in many areas of arizona. the monsoonal flow sucking up from the south. when you get those clouds, the temperatures are cooler. it was much hotter in salt lake city utah than even the deserts of the southwest. doesn't happen all that often. it will happen again today with the clouds and moisture around. afternoon storms around vegas. around salt lake city and boise, near 100 once again. while the pacific northwest, you continue to be the poster child for great weather in this country. that's your national clouds and temperatures, including monterey and san diego. we'll be watching some of this moisture pulling out of the west. areas that have been seeing showers in california, it will be drying out in the days ahead.
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>> karins breaking out the water vapor imagery today. >> got keep you on your foeps. congress considering pulling funding for the nsa surveillance program. plus two divers take on two whales during a feeding frenzy. we've got that next.
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a frenzied welcome for pope francis in the world's largest catholic country, but in brazil, it's creating quite a headache for his security detail. claudio lavanga joins us live from rio de janeiro. claudio, good morning. >> reporter: pope francis is expected to take a day off today after an eventful arrival in rio de janeiro for world youth day. yesterday he was practically mobbed after his car took a wrong turn and ended up in a busy lane. the situation got out of control. the security guards finding it
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very difficult to keep away the crowd from touching the pope directly who still had the car window rolled down. but it looked like the crowds are not the only threat that the pope faces during the week-long event. last night during the welcoming ceremony at the governor's palace, hundreds of protesters protested outside, not against the pope in particular. against widespread corruption. but, still, they clashed with police. fired at them teargas and rubber bullets. well, also a couple of days ago during a routine sweep, security personnel found a small pipe bomb in a public bathroom near to the shrine. we look forward to see more scenes of excitement like the ones we have seen yesterday. richard? >> claudio, exciting days ahead. thank you for that report. other stories making news today. the house will consider legislation that will cut off funds for the national security anxiety and limit its operations. one such limitation would bar
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the nsa from collecting phone records on an individual unless he or she is the subject of an investigation. in milwaukee brewers ryan braun, the 2011 national league mvp, has been suspended for the rest of the season. he violated major league baseball's drug program and labor contract. he'll miss 65 games and will not get paid. has made some mistakes and is, quote, willing to accept the consequences. quite different from what he said last year. >> by no means am i perfect, but if i've ever made any mistakes in my life, i've taken responsibility for my actions. i truly believe in my heart, and i would bet my life that this substance never entered my body at any point. a new study shows skipping breakfast may increase your chances of a heart attack. in the 16-year study, men who skipped breakfast had a 27% higher risk for heart issues compared to men who did not. two divers almost became breakfast for some humpback
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whales in california. the divers minding their business business were just feet away from two whales as they surfaced. it was a close call but the divers quickly swam back to the boat with a whale of a story. now for business we turn to cnbc's mary thompson. >> richard, parents are picking up less of their kid's college tuition. the average family is turning to grants and scholarships to cover 30% of the bill compared to 20% of their own income and savings. parents also eliminating some schools their kids are considering based on cost. many companies say they are struggling to fill sales positions and that's hurting revenue growth. staffing firm manpower says sales jobs are the second hardest to fill this year. during the recession, salespeople were among the first to be laid off and many people switched occupations. taco bell is scrapping kids meals and toys it passed out along with them. the restaurant chain saying kids meals weren't big sellers. some individual items were
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included on the kid's menu like soft tacos. and it will now move to its regular menu. back to you. >> love soft tacos. straight ahead, we'll have all your sports highlights when "early today" returns.
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okay. let's get the latest in sports
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for you this hour. the pennant race is on. pitcher matt moore adding to tampa's surge with his first career shutout. 3-0 over boston. their 18th win in the last 20 games pulling themselves from fourth to second place in the american league east. in try waiting 8 days, 6 hours, 23 minutes and then this. miami's stanton with a line drive double. ed lucas running for the score. the 37th scoreless inning streak there for miami ends. also a franchise record and the longest scoreless streak in 28 years. ouch. nfl training camp will be a little different. player blood samples taken to create a benchmark for testing for growth hormone undetermined still. the specific test procedure and the discipline process if it is found. let's talk chest hair. a pittsburgh pirates fan chest with this. let's go bucs. it looks suspiciously similar to a pittsburgh penguins fans chest. in may it read let's go pens. same guy? if you look at both sculptures, they are missing an apostrophe
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on let's. ohio state football coach urban meyer visited grant in the hospital and michigan football coach brady hoch was actually glad grant beat michigan. he even gave his family tickets to the ohio state/michigan game that's coming in november. >> announcer: early today sports is brought to you by just for men mustache and beard. keepior edge. just ahead, actress shirley jones gets downright x-rated in her new biography. we do not joke. the naked truth, next.
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we have a little interesting weather to say the least. usually in the summer season we get very quiet conditions. maybe a little showers and storms in arizona. but that has spread into areas of california the last couple of days. that will change. that storm system responsible for that will weaken and dissipate as it heads finally up to the northeast. still beautiful weather in the northwest today. 83 in seattle. wednesday looks great, too. forecast changes a little bit. we cooled off slightly in salt lake city because that moisture that was over california will be heading your way. you could use a little break from those 100s. our friends in alaska deal with a decent day today. temperatures not bad. 74 in anchorage. 70 in juneau and finally our last stop out to our wonderful friends now the hawaii. typical hawaii weather. kahului, 90 degrees. i'm sure the water is warm.
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the drinks taste good. >> i like that. kahului. has a nice ring to it. in entertainment news, new details emerging from "rolling stone" magazine's controversial issue. bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was selected for the cover after a kanye west profile fell through. come on get happy were lyrics to live by for partridge family matriarch shirley jones. she dishes explicit details about wild sex romps and her troubled marriage to jack cassidy in her new autobiography hitting stores today. katherine jackson ended her two-day stint on the witness stand with tearful testimony. michael jackson's mom was confused at times but testified she never questioned her son about drug abuse. she and jackson's children are suing jackson's ill-fated comeback tour for negligence. and character actor dennis farina has died at the age of 69. the former chicago cop and actor died from a blood clot in his
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lung. he appeared on the big screen in films like "get shorty" and on the small screen where he made his mark as detective joe fontana on "law & order." >> a few snapshots show up on the internet and everybody is oh, so surprised that these things go on. >> you know, what some people forget is that he was an actual cop for two decades in chicago. >> kind of explains it. i didn't know that. he seems so real life and played parts so well. >> there you go. >> "get shorty" is classic. >> a good guy and a great, great actor. we'll miss him. i'm richard lui. this is "early today." we hope it's just your first stop of the day on nbc.
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leading the news in "the new york times" -- pentagon lays out options for u.s. military northwest syria. the highest ranking military officer says an intervention in syria would be a vast undertaking costing billions of dollars and could backfire on the u.s. bottlenose dolphins use names to identify companions. researchers discovering that the marine mammals use a unique whistle to identify each other. interesting stuff. topping our news -- a future king is born. the 8-pound, 6-ounce baby boy is third in line to the throne. prince william saying, quote, we could not be happier. the palace saying the baby's name will be announced in due course. that's the big question. rough landing. ten people are injured after the landing gear of this southwest flight collapsed upon landing.
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monday the ntsb is looking into that. george zimmerman emerges from hiding to help rescue an injured family from an overturned suv. he was not a witness and left the scene after making contact with police. ryan braun violated its drug program and labor contract. the former mvp saying, i realize now that i've made mistakes. i'm willing to accept the consequences of those actions. children in the sweet city of hershey got quite the surprise at a local children's hospital. many of the patients suffer from terminal illnesses and even the littlest action can brighten their day. so window washers dressed up as famous superheros to cheer up the little ones there. these heroes made both the windows and the children's faces sparkle that day. imagine here, bill, you are looking out the window and you see that guy, superman, coming down, washing the windows. spider-man -- >> i'd have a little different reaction than the kids. >> you would freak out?
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>> may be a little creeped out, but the kids loved it. and it put smiles on their faces. >> it worked and those kids need it. the first lady will be in new orleans. she'll give the keynote speech about childhood obesity at a latino advocacy group. president obama welcoming the champions of men's college basketball to the white house. the president will congratulate rick pitino and his players for winning the ncaa title back in april. in happy birthday to harry potter star daniel radcliffe, 24 years old. monica lewinsky turns 40 and philip seymour hoffman is 46. here's what's coming up on the "today" show, see where u.s. treasure hunters hit the jackpot with a multimillion-dollar discovery off the coast of ireland. and a woman hearing impaired since birth turns on her cochlear implant for the first time. keep it here for more news, weather and sports. i'm richard lui along with bill karins. have a good day.
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i heard the car coming, and it was coming fast. >> the hunt for a hit-and-run driver who put two south bay cyclists in the hospital, one with a fractured skull. plus, taking action. the new step students and their parents are considering this morning after they were told their ap test scores would not count. a close encounter. divers nearly swallowed by a pair of whales off the coast of california. more of this amazing video coming up. >> that deserves a wow. right now we take a live look outside. that is your sparkling bay bridge to get things going. a beautiful look over san francisco on this tuesday, july 23rd. this is "today in the bay."


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